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Retailers are imposing on Thanksgiving Day

Retailers have forgotten that Thursday is solely for Thanskgiving and not Black Friday.

Loan bubble may burst

The U.S. is currently trapped in a student loan bubble that is being caused by the careless gifting of student loans to those who will not graduate and will fail to pay them back.

Krokodil drug scare distorted by media

The drug, Krokodil, should not be a reason to worry.

Student paper restricts term, restricts its writers

The editorial board of The Playwickian failed to understand the function of the newspaper when it banned the name of its high school's mascot, the Redskins.

Appropriate filibuster reform needed

While the limits placed on filibusters have the potential to backfire, they are a justified attempt to change a system that has sustained heavy damage from partisan politics.

CAPS must take initiative to gain student feedback

CAPS can serve this campus better by implementing an online scheduling system reaching out to students to get their ideas for improving their services.

University Libraries improvements much appreciated

Hunt Library cares about its students, and it shows.

Suresh’s inauguration a way to better campus culture

Let’s make sure that as we usher in President Suresh, the university takes this time to put more focus on the well-being of students, because that more than anything will foster university pride.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is ready for Thanksgiving break. So we asked, "What Thanksgiving side are you most looking forward to?"

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