Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Committee Reports

The first order of business on the Senate agenda this week was committee reports. The Communications Committee presented the finalized poster for Senate Week while Campus Life discussed its plans to publicly display the Dean’s List and host a gallery crawl in mid-November.

The Academic Affairs Committee talked about mid-semester teaching assistant evaluations as well as the upcoming mini course Thrive@CMU, designed to address issues with Carnegie Mellon stress culture.
The Finance Committee summarized Senate’s budget for special allocations and discussed Senate’s current spending rate.

Special Allocation: Alpha Chi Omega

Senate voted to allocate $300 to Alpha Chi Omega for its Walk a Mile event, slated for Oct. 23. Alpha Chi Omega requested funds to provide refreshments to walkers as well as pay the registration fee for the national Walk a Mile organization. During the event, men will walk a mile in women’s shoes to raise awareness of sexual assault and rape culture.

Special Allocation: Om

Senate voted to allocate $1,000 to Om, Carnegie Mellon’s organization for Indian spirituality and culture, to reimburse them for the materials and other costs related to the mural painted in Squirrel Hill last week. The mural, which is located on the side of Coriander restaurant in Squirrel Hill, honors Mahatma Gandhi, whose birthday is Oct. 2.

Discipline and Academic Review

Joanna Dickert, assistant director of the office of the dean of student affairs, presented the list of new members for the University Disciplinary Council and Academic Review Board. Both the council and the board draw from a shared pool of candidates across colleges and departments and address issues of academic integrity and other issues within the university.

Special Allocation: Fringe

Fringe was allocated $2,580 for damages to its buggy shop and buggy. The damage was caused by a burst pipe, which flooded the buggy shop during a rainstorm. Senate allocated the money to replace damaged materials as well as repair a buggy that was ruined during the flood.