Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Collegiate Reader Program

Student Senate has met with the collegiate reader liaison from The New York Times in order to expand and enhance the University’s collegiate readership program.
Issues that were discussed were online access to The New York Times, as well as graduate student access passes to The New York Times.

Campus Life

Discussion at the Student Senate meeting revolved around interaction between the Senate and the general campus community.

Efforts to connect with the university community include hosting Town Halls in order to foster interaction, addressing the provision of resources for students affected by mental illnesses, and spreading Carnegie Mellon’s presence into the Squirrel Hill and Craig Street areas.

There was also discussion of a survey developed by Student Body President Will Weiner and discussion of an art appreciation program.

In addition, there was talk of an event being held during finals week.

Business Affairs Report

Joint Funding Commission budget submission occurred last week, with the deadline being yesterday at midnight.

Student Senate held information sessions for on-campus organizations on Jan. 19 and last Thursday in order to assist them in the budget submission process.

Town Halls

Vice Chair of the undergraduate Student Senate Anshul Dhankher discussed how to increase cooperation with university organizations.

Dhankher discussed the well-received Town Hall Week Senate held last semester, and how they are in the process of organizing further interaction with the campus community through this and related mediums.

Online Presence

Discussion was also held on the state of the Student Senate website, and its potential redesign.

Goals for Student Senate’s public relations this semester will involve forms of Facebook promotion and potential use of The Bridge in conjunction with in-person events.