Corrections & Clarifications

In the Pillbox article “DETOUR hosts DJ Poupon to expose college students to electronic music scene” published on Jan. 21, visual artist Ben Tabas’ last name is incorrectly spelled as “Tapas.” Additionally, the image of the handbill was incorrectly attributed to Kathryn Thomas. instead of Mirko Azis.”

In the News article “Coffee grounds, plastic forks get new life at Tazza D’Oro,” also published Jan. 21, the article incorrectly implied that biodegradable products are compostable. Tazza D’Oro is a test run, and no utensils are compostable at any dining locations.

The News article “Kosbie advises students on happiness, well-being in life” published on Jan. 21, stated that Tanya Sedwick was a sophomore decision science major; she is an undecided Dietrich College student.