Did you know?

100 years ago: Jan. 2, 1913
The dean’s opening statement at a school-wide assembly was, “The great question is not whether ours is better or worse than other schools, but is it the best that we can make it....There is the Cornell type, the MIT type. What is to be the Carnegie type?” So 100 years later, what has the “Carnegie type” become?

50 years ago: Jan. 9, 1963
An editorial article argues that professors should empathize more with their students when scheduling exams, complaining that “the result may be three or even four exams in one day, and none receives the students’ best work.” Luckily, this degree of exam-taking seems less common today.

25 years ago: Jan. 19, 1988
The registrar’s office sent an envelope from 5000 Forbes Ave. to Morewood Gardens. The letter was returned with a request from the post office to include “the country of destination, in English, with no abbreviations.”

10 years ago: Jan. 20, 2003
A SciTech brief quotes scientist Emile Frison, who warns, “bananas may disappear within the next 10 years due to their lack of genetic diversity.” Bananas are one of the go-to side choices for blocks, so let’s be glad they have survived despite Frison’s prediction.

5 years ago: Jan. 21, 2008
Jennifer Gooch, a graduate student in the School of Art, created a website on which pictures of lost gloves from all over Pittsburgh could be posted, in the hopes that the missing glove could be reunited with its owner. Perhaps we should try using this system for Carnegie Mellon ID cards.

1 year ago: Jan. 23, 2012
Campus police had a busy week of suspicious persons and marijuana. A man in a fedora was spotted in the women’s restroom in Hunt, a homeless man tried to enter the Software Engineering Institute, and three citations were given to students who admitted to smoking marijuana.