President Cohon threatened

Just as last semester drew to a close, University President Jared Cohon became the victim of a threat, which resulted in Pittsburgh Police protecting his house for 24 hours.

According to a report by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh Police Deputy Chief Paul Donaldson stated that a threat against President Cohon was received on Dec. 6, 2012, adding that police cars had been stationed outside of Cohon’s house in response.

There was the fear that the man who threatened Cohon may have been heading to Pittsburgh in a car bearing a Massachusetts license plate.

The threat was thought to have been received through the mail. The Trib reported that the Postal Inspector’s office is also involved in the investigation.

The University has been reluctant to release details on the matter.

Teresa Thomas, Carnegie Mellon’s assistant vice president for media relations, declined to comment on the matter to media sources.