Senate highlights Town Hall Week

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As the New Year and the new semester have both begun, Student Senate is back to work making our Carnegie Mellon community and campus a better environment for all students.

Many of you may remember our efforts to reach out and connect with students during Senate Week last fall. As a body, we were very happy with the level of engagement and excitement that students showed in stopping by the table, filling out surveys, naming their senators, and answering trivia questions about Senate.

From our perspective, Senate Week was very successful, and something that will hopefully grow to become a tradition at Carnegie Mellon.

Our goal coming into this semester is to continue our engagement with fellow students, but this time with a feedback and discussion-oriented style. To this end, Student Senate will be hosting our first ever Town Hall Week Jan. 28th to Feb. 1st! For the three days leading up to our Thursday General Body Meeting, Senators from each individual college will be hosting an open Town Hall meeting.

The schedule for the Town Halls will be up on our Facebook page, and you should be receiving an email from your college’s Senators regarding your college’s Town Hall.
There will be food at each of these events, so stop by to grab a bite to eat and hear from your Senators what they’ve been working on.

Beyond that, we will be asking a series of open-ended questions to hear your opinions on big-picture issues on campus, as well as issues related to your home college.
Your thoughts and ideas, as always, will be used to drive our projects and initiatives for the rest of the semester.

The end goal, as always, is to make Carnegie Mellon a better place for you. So save the date, and keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter, and all across campus for more information about these events!

Anshul Dhankher
Vice Chair, Undergraduate
Student Senate