Diversity of dining facilities should be commended

Credit: Adelaide Cole/Art Editor Credit: Adelaide Cole/Art Editor

Carnegie Mellon has students with a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, and we pride ourselves on this diversity. Because the student body is composed of such a wide variety of backgrounds, individuals also have a wide range of dietary needs.

Housing and Dining Services concerns itself with the students’ dietary preferences at the University, and it shows. With the recent addition of The Pomegranate — a vendor offering kosher, vegetarian, and vegan options — as well as other specialty vendors like Worlds of Flavor and the Crêperie last semester, it is obvious that Housing and Dining Services hopes to better accommodate students’ needs.

According to the University’s Housing and Dining website, The Pomegranate’s owner Zur Goldblum, former chef of Middle Eastern restaurant Sababa in Squirrel Hill, created a menu “to reflect cuisines with flavors from the Middle East, Turkey, and Israel.”

In the past, students could purchase frozen kosher meals or sandwiches at other campus locations, but were unable to purchase fresh kosher meals. Jewish students keeping kosher on campus and students who keep their meal choices impulsive will no doubt appreciate the options now available to them.

Goldblum also added to the University’s vegetarian and vegan offerings with The Pomegranate’s falafel and babaganoush.

Located in the General Motors Room on the second floor of the University Center, The Pomegranate officially opened this Thursday.

By continuing to add a variety of eateries throughout campus, Housing and Dining Services allows students to be satisfied with their diets at their home away from home. Even though it may not be able to provide meals as exciting as a real home-cooked one, Housing and Dining Services is clearly trying to hire vendors and chefs, like Goldblum, that will provide the closest possible experience.

Because college meal plans are expensive, students deserve to be satisfied with their provided meals. Housing and Dining Services is well on its way to achieving that satisfaction.