Hare brings spark to Tartans

Stephanie Hare has made her mark on the women’s soccer team already, scoring and assisting once this season. (credit: Alan Vangpat/Senior Photographer ) Stephanie Hare has made her mark on the women’s soccer team already, scoring and assisting once this season. (credit: Alan Vangpat/Senior Photographer )

As a senior midfielder on the women’s soccer team, Stephanie Hare is proud to be a Tartan. “Being able to wear the Carnegie Mellon name on my jersey and around the country is extremely rewarding. Only a few people can say that they represent such a great school as an athlete,” she said.

Hare came to Carnegie Mellon after her first-year, transferring from Miami University of Ohio, where she played Division I soccer. “Transferring was a lot easier than I expected. It was a risky decision to switch schools, but I could not be happier that I made the move. Things seemed to fall into place soon after I got to school with help from [head coach] Yon and the team,” Hare said.

Changing from Division I to Division III is a big change for a student athlete. “For me personally, I like D-III a lot better. It fits what I am trying to get out of my college athletic career. The big difference for me is having a good balance between academics and athletics here at CMU,” she said.

Since transferring, she’s found the team to be an integral part of her life. “I have made my best friends on the soccer team and they have become family. I love spending all my time with them and also working together on the field for each other. I also enjoy the challenge of the UAA and the road to accomplishing the goals that we have set for each other this year,” Hare said.

The women’s soccer team has set many goals this year, and Hare has a few of her own challenges she wants to overcome.

“Being a senior, I want to have the best season of my life. My goal is to help lead the team to the post-season. I want to walk off the field at the end of my last game with no regrets and knowing I gave everything I could to my teammates and the program. I believe in this team and what we can accomplish this year,” she said.

Hare believes the women’s soccer team’s camaraderie is second to none, and will be essential to having a good season. “I’m extremely proud of how we have come together as a team this year. The chemistry is much better than past seasons and is really exciting to be a part of,” she explained. “This bond is what will make our team do great things this year. We are playing for each other... and with that attitude we can beat anyone.”

Part of the team’s togetherness comes from the bonding during preseason. “Every year during preseason, we find ourselves thinking of things that we would rather do than run a fitness test. We get very creative with our ideas and it makes the long days of preseason a little better,” Hare said.

Hare is finishing her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences, and plans to graduate in May. “I am keeping my options open currently. Medical school is still an option for me, but I am looking to get some experience under my belt in the workforce before I settle down in a graduate program. Also, I love to travel so hopefully there will be some cool trips in my future,” Hare said.

Despite her hopes to travel in the future, she has already begun to fulfill that desire. “This summer I got the opportunity to travel to South Africa for a marine biology internship. I learned so much and got to experience the beauty of South Africa first hand,” Hare said.