Did You Know?

100 years ago: Oct. 10, 1912
The Tartan advertises its subscription rate at $1 for an entire school year, or five cents per issue. Additionally, students wishing to share an issue with a loved one back home can leave five cents and the address in The Tartan office. Five cents is all the paper asks to mail an issue out of town.

50 years ago: Oct. 3, 1962
First-year students are asked to share their impressions of Carnegie Tech. Answers offered include, “I wondered where the rest of the girls were,” “What is this thing called sleep?” and “I can’t walk on the grass.” Despite the school’s name change, Carnegie Mellon hasn’t seemed to change much.

25 years ago: Sept. 15, 1987
Students address issues they have with overcrowded classrooms. Porter Hall’s basement is cited for rooms 19 A – C, 20, and 21 being allowed to seat 60 people. Students question whether moving classes to later in the day would benefit both those registering and the overcrowding problem.

10 years ago: Sept. 16, 2002
Another Carnegie Mellon innovation: the first emoticon. Two School of Computer Science doctoral students, Mike Jones and Jeff Baird, discover the original use of the “:-)” on a Computer Science general bboard at Carnegie Mellon. Their research suggests the smiley first appeared at Carnegie Mellon in 1982.

5 years ago: Sept. 17, 2007
With the Business Opportunities Conference and Technical Opportunities Conference looming in the near future, The Tartan breaks down which companies students in each major should focus their attention on. Even College of Fine Arts students and English students are provided with options.

1 year ago: Sept. 19, 2011
A big week in women’s varsity athletics excites teams for the future of the season. Women’s volleyball and soccer teams each bring home their fourth consecutive win of the season. Men’s sports fall behind the women’s for the week.