Student Executives outline goals

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We hope you’ve been having a good first few weeks back on campus!

We wanted to use this letter to update you on the progress of some of our initiatives thus far into the semester and give you a road map of what Student Government Exec has planned for the upcoming year.

We have been working hard to start off the year with a strong PR presence for student government — PR has been and continues to be one of our primary objectives for the year, and we began working during Orientation week by registering voters at meal times.

We were able to both register a significant amount of first-years and connect with our new constituents. Over the summer we brought together the Board of Directors to create the programming for the “Welcome Back Weekend” and offer a chance for the entire campus to come together at the start of the year. We are now focused on hitting the ground running on many of our initiatives outlined in our platform.

We plan on expanding our voter registration efforts throughout the semester, and as we near Election Day, we will be providing resources for absentee voting, profiles on local candidates, and ideally hosting debate and election result watch parties.

We generated a lot of buzz in our campaign about our first town hall meeting — we are still hammering down a date, but it will be the week of Sept. 17, and we will be giving out Chipotle to attendees. This town hall will be used to collect feedback on a number of issues, including possible changes to the student activities fee.

We are in the process of scheduling meetings with various administrators of campus services to see what they are looking for from student government, as well as advocating on various issues such as Shuttle and Escort based on feedback from the last issue of The Tartan.

To make it easier to track our progress, we are very close to launching our official blog on, where we will push weekly updates on our various initiatives.

We also want to acknowledge that there are some initiatives that we are not as far along with as we would have hoped. For instance, we were unable to get the group event attendance competition up and running for the start of the semester, but we will continue to work on this and hope to get the logistics worked out soon.

Our main goal is to maintain open communication with the Carnegie Mellon community so you can know how we are working to help you. We are open to criticism and collaboration throughout the semester, and you can always email us at Additionally, you can attend our office hours, which are posted at If you see us around, stop and say hi and let us know how we can best serve you.