Dollar Movie

March 1

Being Elmo
8 10 12
Being Elmo is an award-winning documentary about Kevin Clash, the man who controls and voices the beloved puppet Elmo. Narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, this film contains never-before-seen archival footage of the Jim Henson Workshop and a behind-the-scenes look at Sesame Street. Featuring interviews with Frank Oz (who voices Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear) and several other puppeteers, this movie offers a rare look into this business and a good long glimpse back at your childhood. Fun Fact: Elmo’s birthday is Feb. 3, 1972.

March 2

The Muppets
6 8 10 12
Released just three months ago, The Muppets is the first film Disney has released about the Muppets in 16 years. Jason Segel and Amy Adams star as a couple that works with the world’s biggest Muppet fan to raise money and save the Muppet Theater from being torn down. This flick started development four years ago, when Segel and Nicholas Stoller originally pitched a new Muppet movie to Walt Disney Studios. Fun Fact: The movie features cameo appearances by many of Hollywood’s stars, and at least a dozen other cameos had to be cut due to time constraints.

March 3

7:30 10 12:30
Yes, you read correctly: The film that received the most nominations for the Academy Awards this year is playing at Carnegie Mellon. Directed by Martin Scorsese, Hugo follows a boy who lives by himself in a railway station in Paris. He befriends the daughter of a toy shop owner and becomes wrapped up in a mystery surrounding one of his late father’s inventions. Filmed in 3D, this family-friendly mystery is a visually fantastic movie that has repeatedly been called one of the best to come out in 2011. Fun Fact: This is Scorsese’s first film in 12 years that does not star Leonardo DiCaprio, and his first film to be rated PG in 18 years.

March 4