Lecture Previews

Chris Pullman

Monday at 5 p.m.

Margaret Morrison A14

Chris Pullman, the vice president of design for WGBH public broadcasting in Boston, will deliver a lecture titled “The Future is Not What You Thought it Would Be” as part of the School of Design’s “Designing the Future” lecture series.

Pullman is responsible for the on-air titles, credits, animation, promotional and sales support, classroom materials, and interactive media for WGBH, where he has worked for 35 years.

WGBH was given the American Institute of Graphic Arts’ Design Leadership Award in 1985, and Pullman received the institute’s Gold Medal in 2002.

Simon Kim and Mark Yim

Monday at 6 p.m.

Carnegie Museum of Art Theater

Simon Kim and Mark Yim, the directors of Immersive Kinematics, will give a talk as part of the School of Design’s fall lecture series.
Immersive Kinematics, a collaboration between the University of Pennsylvania’s schools of engineering and design, is a research group focused on integrating interactive robotics into buildings and cities.

Kim is a professor of architecture, and Yim is a professor of mechanical engineering and applied mechanics.

Moyra Davey

Tuesday at 5 p.m.

Kresge Theater

Artist Moyra Davey will deliver a lecture as part of the School of Art’s Fall 2012 lecture series. Davey has been a photographer since the ’70s, and has recently produced three narrative videos. The most recent, “Les Goddesses,” tells the story of a series of coincidences connecting the lives of Mary Wollstonecraft — 18th-century British writer, philosopher, and women’s rights advocate — her daughters, and Davey’s five sisters.

John Eakin

Thursday at 4:30 p.m.

Gregg Hall (Porter 100)

Indiana University emeritus English professor John Eakin will deliver a lecture titled “Leading and Making Lives: One Man’s Story.” He has studied autobiographical narrative since the ’70s and has authored multiple books on the subject. Eakin’s lecture will explore the way that humans tell the stories of their own lives.