Christian Manoli shines on the floorboards

First-year Christian Manoli has made an instant impact on the Carnegie Mellon men’s basketball team. Manoli hails from San Rafael, Calif., and chose to attend Carnegie Mellon because it was the best academic school to which he got accepted. “While on my visit, I felt some really good vibes from the [coaching] staff and the players,” Manoli said.

Manoli has yet to declare a major. However, he is interested in the areas of international relations or global studies. He is looking to explore a career in international law.

Manoli enjoys the “youthful swag” of the men’s basketball team. The heavily first-year-laden team has provided him with many memorable moments. The team has accomplished a lot, despite being such a young team.

Manoli’s favorite moment of the season was when a fellow first-year, Phil Einwag, ran full-steam into head coach Tony Wingen. Following this episode, Wingen taught the team firsthand how to take charge. It is the interaction between the team and coach, and moments like these, that Manoli sees as providing team bonding.

During Carnegie Mellon’s University Athletic Association home games this weekend against Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Chicago, Manoli had some career highs.

In Friday’s game against Wash. U., Manoli had four steals, eight rebounds, and put 10 points on the board for the Tartans.
Sunday, Manoli had a career high of six assists and put up 15 points of his own.

Currently, Manoli leads the men’s basketball team with 237 points and averages 12.5 points per game. As Manoli continues to develop in the Carnegie Mellon basketball program, he will be one to watch.