Webster Hall/Shirley Apartments

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Location: 101/103 N. Dithridge St.

Style(s) of housing: Apartment — one-bedroom (two students) and two-bedroom (three students), prime single

Size: 273 residents

Building retention: Yes

Kitchens: One in each apartment

Lounges: None, but each apartment has a living area

Other amenities: TV room, quiet study lounge, computer cluster, workout facility, recreation room, and two laundry facilities at opposite ends of the building

Webster Hall, located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and North Dithridge Street, is one of the most popular off-campus residences offered by Carnegie Mellon Housing. Webster is located in the heart of Oakland, about a 10-minute walk from campus. One of the first stops on the Carnegie Mellon shuttle line, Webster offers easy access to the numerous restaurants, cafés, grocery stores, and shops located in the Oakland area.

Carnegie Mellon rents out one-bedroom apartments to two students, and two-bedroom apartments to three students. The apartments are spacious and offer many benefits that dorm rooms do not, including a fully furnished living room, two bathrooms, and a kitchen. For many students, this escape from typical dorm life is the basis of Webster’s appeal.

In addition to the spacious apartments, students also benefit from the facilities offered by Webster. The building contains a gym, a homestyle deli, and even an in-house hair and waxing salon. Additionally, each floor has a trash disposal facility as well as a laundry room.
There are, however, some small disadvantages. The laundry facilities can become a hassle for many residents. Using the facilities can become expensive, with a cost of $2.50 to wash and dry one load of clothes. The dryers on most floors are not fully functional, often requiring two full runs to completely dry clothes. For many students, this is one of the biggest complaints about Webster.

An additional point for consideration is the price. Renting a one-bedroom apartment or a double bedroom in a two-bedroom apartment costs $7,620 per year. Renting a single bedroom in a two-bedroom apartment costs $7,930 per year.

Shirley Apartments, located next door to Webster Hall, is small apartment with a floor plan similar to Webster’s. Each apartment has a bedroom, a living area, and a kitchen, while the efficiencies are essentially a room with a bathroom and a kitchen. One of the downsides of Shirley is that it is one of the farthest places from campus. On the upside, the apartments are spacious and well furnished.