Roselawn Houses


Location: Roselawn Terrace (off Margaret Morrison Street)

Style(s) of housing: Three-bedroom apartments (one single, two doubles)

Size: Five students in each of 12 houses

Building retention: Yes

Kitchens: One in each house

Lounges: One in the common Margaret Morrison space and a living space in each house.

Newly-renovated Roselawn Terrace houses, located off Margaret Morrison Street, are now some of the most sought-after housing options on campus. Roselawn is located on the edge of campus, providing students with a feeling of independence while still only having to walk 10 minutes to class.

Each house, divided into a single-occupancy room and two double-occupancy rooms, holds five students. The bedrooms are quite small — so small, in fact, that one of the doubles can’t hold both residents’ desks. The up-side to this is that the living area on the first floor is spacious.

Living rooms have newly installed hardwood floors and brand-new furniture. Each dining room houses a large table that seats six by a wall of windows. Kitchens have been completely refinished with new cabinets and appliances. All the walls in the houses have been given a fresh coat of paint with vibrant accent colors.

One downside to the remodeling of Roselawn houses is that residents no longer have access to the basement, cutting down on the storage space previously offered. The rooms also have closets that tend to be too small for most people’s wardrobes.

In addition to the large living spaces offered in Roselawn, residents have access to the Margaret Morrison lounge and exercise room. All Roselawn residents are also on the eSuds network, getting free laundry and access to laundromat-style dryers.

Another good thing about Roselawn houses is that, while there is more than enough living space, the cost of living in said house is less than the cost of living in some Oakland apartments. There has been mention of the price going up due to the renovations that took place last summer, but nothing has been announced by Housing as of yet.

Roselawn houses give the feeling of living on your own while still providing residents with the amenities and assistance of campus housing. If you don’t care about the size of your bedroom, Roselawn is the place to live.