McGill House


Location: The Hill — across the courtyard from Boss, in front of Hamerschlag

Style(s) of housing: Prime singles and prime doubles

Size: 71 residents (female only)

Building retention: Yes

Kitchens: One on the first floor

Lounges: One per floor, and one main lounge on the first floor with a study lounge

Other amenities: Laundry room

McGill, Carnegie Mellon’s only all-female dorm, offers residents prime doubles and singles arranged into suites. Each suite connects two doubles, or two doubles and one single. Rooms in McGill are small, meaning residents often are forced to loft their beds and sleep only inches from the ceiling. However, the size of the rooms is offset by the convenience of semi-private bathrooms in each suite.

McGill may be all female, but residents’ social lives are certainly not limited. McGill offers a friendly environment, especially since residents can socialize in any of the individual floor lounges or in the large first-floor television room and study area. Weekly events that bring together residents from both Boss and McGill offer a reliable dose of fun and entertainment. Also, when residents tire of their own building, they are just a few steps away from other Hill residences — including Hamerschlag, Carnegie Mellon’s all-male dorm.

McGill’s location on Margaret Morrison Street also offers unique perks. Residents can catch art exhibitions, shows, and events at The Frame, Carnegie Mellon’s student-run art gallery on the corner of Forbes and Margaret Morrison. After a short walk across the street, residents can take advantage of the nearby campus dining locations, including Tartans Pavilion, the Carnegie Mellon Café, and Resnik Café. And when campus food gets too monotonous, the food trucks parked nearby offer a great alternative to on-campus dining.

McGill certainly has its downfalls. Shared bathrooms with limited hot water, unreliable locks, and tiny showers are certainly a concern — but don’t forget to take into account that the bathrooms, while slightly dysfunctional, are cleaned weekly by housekeeping staff. As for the rooms, size ranks at the top of the list of complaints.

However, despite the less-than-fabulous facilities, McGill offers female students an excellent social experience in a uniquely convenient location.