Doherty Apartments


Location: On the corner of Forbes Avenue and Beeler Street

Style(s) of housing: Apartments — one-bedroom (three students); efficiencies — one-bedroom (two students); a two-bedroom suite for Special Interest Housing

Size: About 150 residents

Building retention: Yes

Kitchens: In each apartment and efficiency

Lounges: Study lounge, TV lounge

Other amenities: Lounges include a piano, pool table, and ping pong table; laundry facilities include six washers and six dryers; exercise facilities include four cardio machines and dumbbells.

Deceptively close to campus facilities, Doherty Apartments can be considered one of the best options for on-campus housing. It is a mere three-minute walk to the Resnik Café and a brisk 10 minutes from most classes. Doherty is one of the best options for students who wish to have their own kitchen in an autonomous apartment-esque style of living.

Doherty is divided into four separate towers, each headed by its own RA, who provides his or her residents with the bare essentials: trash bags, paper towels, and, of course, toilet paper. Each tower consists of three floors and a basement.

As a community, there are weekly events to satisfy your sweet tooth and appropriate exercise programs to sweat off the following day’s regret. However, due primarily to the tower layout of the building, making friends in Doherty will make you long for the days of freshman year. Most doors remain closed throughout the day, and the occasional meet-and-greet as you leave the building with your neighbors permeates the school year.

Doherty Apartments provides air-conditioning in its exercise room; however, that is the only room in the building that is so equipped. Most residents purchase personal air-conditioning units during hot weather. Make sure to take them out during the winter, as Doherty’s weak heaters force residents to cling to every bit of warmth they can.

Rooms provide just the right mix of isolation and integration with your roommates. The one-bedroom triples include a bedroom for the three beds, a bathroom, and a living room with kitchenette equipped. The living room also has three study desks, a dining table, a couch, and a small loveseat. Two-person efficiencies are similar, though everything is located in a single room without some of the furniture.

In general, Doherty Apartments provide a decently sized living area for those that seek autonomy in college life.