Margaret Morrison Apartments


Location: On Margaret Morrison Street, behind the sororities

Style(s) of housing: Apartments — two-floor, two-bedroom (four students)

Size: 80 students

Building retention: Yes

Kitchens: In each apartment

Lounges: One on first floor

Margaret Morrison Apartments, located up on the Hill, offers residents arguably the nicest on-campus apartments. Each unit has two floors, with a lounge and kitchen on the first floor and bedrooms and bathrooms either up or down a floor, depending on the apartment. All of the “Maggie Mo” apartments were redone in 2007, when they were refitted with newer furniture, appliances, and counter tops.

Although these apartments technically have a common lounge or living area on the first floor, these aren’t spacious by any means. The bedrooms, however, are exactly the opposite: They are some of the biggest bedrooms that you will find on campus. Each apartment has its own kitchen, which is nice for upperclassmen who are tired of the food on the meal plan.

Each of the Margaret Morrison apartment units is separate from the others, which can be isolating, though this is what upperclassmen are often looking for. Residents also have access to laundry and exercise facilities, which are on the street level of Margaret Morrison Street.

Although the common areas may be a bit tight, “Maggie Mo” can offer residents the chance to have independence while still living on campus.