Twilight: It doesn’t get its chance to sparkle

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Is there nothing more beautiful than watching the dawn break? Some would blindly agree, while others would think you were making a reference to the final installment of the Twilight saga (I am).

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is the first part in a two-part series finale (in true Harry Potter fashion) and will be released on Nov. 18. With this series I have noticed people’s sentiments are typically concentrated at one end of the spectrum: you either love it or you hate it. People seem to love hating on the movies.

Guys, they really aren’t that bad. Don’t get sucked into a vortex of pejorative criticism against what has become another highly successful book-to-film saga. Some criticisms against the films lie with the characters and the representation of vampires. I think it’s interesting to take an archetype and remold it into a more pre-teen and teen friendly version for those more conservative parents. I am confused when people become so enraged about Meyer’s vampires glistening in sunlight, as opposed to burning into a crispy bacon strip. If you want to see the latter, there are plenty of other vampire worlds that you can subscribe to.

I am not suggesting that these movies are incredible or that they should be extolled as extraordinary works of art. Not at all. I am suggesting that they are not as bad as critics claim them to be. They are decent romance movies with some decent action. For instance, in Eclipse, there is an impressive war at the end between vampires and werewolves. It is a very enthralling action scene for a vampire movie.

I think people enjoy criticizing easy targets like Twilight; the franchise has a large fan base in the teenage demographic, which means that it will have components that are going to appeal to them. This is reminiscent of Justin Bieber, another famous cultural figure. Like Twilight, many people criticize Bieber even though he has an impressive voice.

People need to stop harping on the negative aspects of Twilight and consider the audience that the story is geared towards. There are aspects of the films that are lackluster and could be improved, but then I remember it is a movie made for teenage girls and not an Academy Award candidate.

When you hear your friend (we all have that friend) talk about how excited they are for the movie to come out, hold back your eye-rolling, heavy sighs, and sharp criticisms. Remember who the movie is made for and try to focus more on its redeeming qualities. Then you can better understand why so many people have such a strong affinity for it, as opposed to closing yourself off by jumping onto that bandwagon of sharp banter.