Carnegie Mellon places 10th in recruiter picks

In a recent poll conducted by The Wall Street Journal, Carnegie Mellon was ranked the No. 1 school in the U.S. by job recruiters looking for new hires in the field of computer science. Recruiters ranked Carnegie Mellon fourth in finance, seventh in business and 21st in engineering. Overall, Carnegie Mellon placed 10th in “The Top 25 Recruiter Picks.”

As stated in the poll’s survey methodology, these rankings were calculated from the responses of 479 recruiters from “the nation’s largest public and private companies, nonprofit organizations, and federal agencies.”

Recruiters were asked to profile the new graduates that they had hired within the past year, including how many there were, which majors they pursued, and from which schools they had graduated. Recruiters were asked to choose which university’s graduates with a bachelor’s degree were best trained and most prepared for success in their respective fields. From their experience, recruiters were then asked to rank colleges and universities by top school overall and by top school for major. Weight was given to responses based on the number of new hires each recruiter had reported from each respective school and each specific major, and recruiters could only rate schools and majors from which they had reported active recruitment.

Not only was Carnegie Mellon placed 10th in producing the best graduates overall, it was also the only private institution to make the top 10. Carnegie Mellon also boasted one of the lowest undergraduate populations of any of the top 25 recruiter picks with a reported undergraduate student body of 6,023.

Pennsylvania State University, with undergraduate enrollment listed at 38,630, was deemed the No. 1 top recruiter pick overall. Of the 25 top institutions named, only the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), ranked 23rd overall, had a lower undergraduate population than that of Carnegie Mellon.

While Carnegie Mellon has performed well in countless college and university rankings, each new poll release is exciting for the campus community.

“A lot of people do look at rankings to get a first glance at a school’s reputation; they are often looked at by prospective students and their families, as well as high school guidance counselors,” said Abby Houck, Carnegie Mellon’s media relations specialist. “We consider all of these people an audience for polls and rankings such as these from The Wall Street Journal.”

“I’m not surprised that the computer science program has been given such praise. I came to CMU because of the reputation of its computer science program, which I read about from college rankings,” said Natalie Hildebrandt, a sophomore majoring in computer science.

University rankings, such as the one conducted by U.S. News & World Report, assess factors such as reputation, retention, faculty resources, student selectivity, financial resource spending per student, graduation rate performance, and alumni giving rates. Unlike its predecessors, The Wall Street Journal’s “Top 25 Recruiter Picks” poll was a direct reflection of recruiter opinions.

“There would be no other way to evaluate which students are most prepared than to talk to recruiters and employers,” said Judi Mancusi, assistant director for recruiting in the Carnegie Mellon Career and Professional Development Center.

“It’s nice to see the recognition.... It says a lot about our alumni and the great things that they do. It says a lot about our students and their abilities. It also reflects years and years of hard work of building a career center that serves not only students but also employers in a very direct and personal way.”

Lisa Dickter, associate director for career consulting, guides CIT students through all phases of job and internship attainment. “To be quoted and used by recruiters is a great thing. It gets our name out there. Students should be proud that recruiters want to come here, because our students can compete for wonderful jobs,” Dickter said.

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