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Welcome back, Tartans! It’s been refreshing to see so many familiar and new faces on campus.

Thanks to the hard work of the Orientation and Student Life staffs, the first-year students’ first week at Carnegie Mellon went exceptionally well. Not only were Orientation events well-attended — first-years were out on campus playing pickup ultimate Frisbee and soccer with upperclassmen and attending impromptu barbecues — but also, it is already apparent that the new students are learning from seasoned upperclassmen exactly what it means to be a Tartan.

Orientation week always reminds me why I’m proud to be a Tartan. It is impossible to walk around campus during Orientation and not feel the excitement radiating from both students and staff. Coming back to campus was like finding a $20 bill in the pocket of a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in a while. You might know the feeling I’m talking about — when you remember how good it feels to leave class after acing a test, to pause and catch up with an old friend on the Cut, and to discover that Skibo has your favorite fro-yo flavor... all at the same time. After that Wonder Years-like flashback, you’re left with the feeling that you couldn’t think of anywhere in the world you would rather be than right where you are.

Part of the reason Jarrett and I ran for student body president and student body vice president last year was to make these warm and fuzzy feelings about Carnegie Mellon more common for both the incoming and current classes at the university. This fall, student government will be working on a variety of initiatives that will be primarily concerned with improving campus and the overall student experience.

I am especially looking forward to the revamped Tartan Rewards Program and the launching of the Great Ideas campaign. A complete calendar of Tartan Rewards events will be announced in the upcoming weeks. We will also be working to improve undergraduate-graduate student cohesion, continuing to promote the improvement of Carnegie Mellon facilities, and encouraging students to step out into the Pittsburgh community.

I encourage everyone to check the student government Executive Branch website at to stay up to date with our initiatives and programs.