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Hey Tartans,

I hope that all of you had an exciting and wonderful Carnival!

Spring Carnival is one of the best displays of the community spirit that has grown over the last academic year, and once again the Carnegie Mellon the community came together to celebrate one of its greatest traditions in full force. A job well done to all of those who participated, whether it be working on Booth or Buggy, participating in the Scotch’n’Soda show, putting on the Spring Carnival shows, or helping organize the Spring Carnival activities and making Carnival safe for all students.

Earlier this month, students voted in student government elections and elected me and Kate as student body president and vice president. We could not be more grateful for all of the support for our campaign, and we cannot wait to get the ball rolling on all of the initiatives and ideas that we advertised in our campaign, as well as those that will arise from your thoughts and suggestions for Carnegie Mellon.

Over the summer, Kate and I will spend a great deal of time working on a number of things to ensure that we hit the ground running not only on the traditional initiative front, but also by continuing to establish relationships with the rest of student government and members of the administration when we arrive in the fall.

We will begin working on our initiative to showcase our campus organizations and student life to first-years immediately to ensure that it is well planned, successful, and collaborative with the Orientation staff.

We will also begin looking at sources of funding for our Executive Grant Program and structuring the first month’s worth of CMU Connect Socials.
To ensure that we are staying connected to you and that you can continue to learn about our work over the next few months, we encourage you to continue to visit to stay updated with our initiatives and work to improve Carnegie Mellon.

You can also follow us on Twitter at or e-mail us at We encourage your feedback and hope that you throw us any idea, suggestion, question, or concern anytime you want.

Again, many thanks to all of you who supported us in elections — we are confident that we can deliver to you all of the initiatives that we have proposed and more.

We hope all of you enjoy the last few weeks of classes, good luck on finals, and we’ll see you around campus!