Did you know?

100 years ago
Nov. 23, 1910
This week, a writer complains about a specific boardwalk connecting two buildings that is full of loose boards. He states that “something must be done to remedy this evil.” Hm, you’d think there’d be worse “evils” going on that he could write about.

50 years ago
Nov. 16, 1960
A blurb on the front page mentions that women at Carnegie Mellon have an average GPA of 2.663, while the guys’ average was a paltry 2.355. Well, if females are so much smarter than males, how come America is in such good shape?

25 years ago
Nov. 19, 1985
A Carnegie Mellon professor gives a poetry reading of his work at Hemingway’s, the nearby bar on Forbes Avenue. After reading the title “CMU prof at Hemingway’s,” readers might have expected some drunken shenanigans, but alas, there was just poetry.

10 years ago
Nov. 20, 2000
The Student Senate holds a meeting after undergraduate students complained about not being permitted to attend GSA Happy Hour events. Was logic on vacation this week? Undergrads shouldn’t be allowed at graduate student events. Party crashers...

5 years ago
Nov. 21, 2005
Apparently, there is a cycle of TBA being discussed, as an editorial board article examines recent demands that TBA posters be taken down and the film be banned from campus. Listen, the first humans were naked 24/7; just be happy we aren’t still in that stage.

1 year ago
Nov. 23, 2009
Ah, the memories of awful government ideas. One year ago, we were debating the sanity of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl after he proposed taxing students for going to college in Pittsburgh. The verdict? Unanimous rejection of the tax and an MRI scheduled of the mayor’s brain.