Did you know?

100 Years Ago
Sept. 29, 1909
In an article entitled “Widths of Country Roads in America and Germany,” a staffwriter describes the practicality of the American road system and its lack of automotive traffic. Clearly, this writer never had to get from Interstate 279 to the Fort Pitt Tunnel during commuting hours.

50 Years Ago
Sept. 30, 1959
An ad for Swingline staplers boasts that one is “no bigger than a pack of gum,” costs just 98 cents, and includes 1000 staples. Man, Milton from the flick Office Space was totally born in the wrong time period.

25 Years Ago
Sept. 25, 1984
In an interview with The Tartan, Richard M. Cyert declares that the new SEI building won’t do work related to warfare. Despite the fact that it has been a frequent site of anti-war protests since its construction, this writer couldn’t find any articles related to warfare research by the SEI, so they’ve at least done a good job of covering their tracks.

10 Years Ago
Sept. 27, 1999
“Football team deserves more support” is the title of a Forum piece lamenting the dismal crowds at home games, which mostly include family and friends of the players. It’s good to see that some things never change. In all seriousness, though, you should support our excellent football team, especially against our rivals at Case Western.

5 Years Ago
Sept. 27, 2004
“Student Subpoena” is the title of a News article stating that a senior computer science major, along with service provider Calyx, was issued a subpoena due to accusations of voter intimidation. I would venture a guess that more people, at least on this campus, would be more opposed to voter pestering or annoyance than intimidation.

1 Year Ago
Sept. 29, 2008
A “How Things Work” article focuses on Heliodisplay, also known as the projection of an image on a floating screen of air, often resembling a holographic 3D image. So Star Wars and Star Trek fans can rejoice that some day soon, they will be able to send their images across the galaxy for aliens to laugh at and make fun of.