Did you know?

100 years ago
Sept. 22, 1909

A small blurb in this issue, titled “Naming our ‘field,’” talks about christening the new field that has become a part of the campus. To avoid the default name of “Tech Field,” which the article states “suggests stubble, ash-heaps or tin cans according to the part of the country you come from,” The Tartan wishes to suggest names in its next issue so that a proper title can be given. The writer expresses concern that an unseemly name, no matter how unfitting, will stick.

50 years ago
Sept. 23, 1959

This issue of The Tartan reports on the plans to build a new all-male dorm between Boss and McGill Houses. Now known as Hamerschlag, the dorm boasts of having a unique design that joins two wings with a social area in between. It is also planned to have a sun deck over this recreational space.

25 years ago
Sept. 12, 1984

This week’s issue sports one of the longest headlines ever published. Located in the Features section, the title reads: “Information Age brings rapid and radical changes with onset; issues, areas affected include computers, labor, employment.” Guess there’s really no need to read the article now.

10 years ago
Aug. 30, 2009

In the spirit of the Welcome Back issue of The Tartan, this week’s A Person’s Opinion asks students what they missed most about college life over the summer. Apart from standard answers like “seeing my friends” and “the campus,” one student said she missed “the cute football players” the most, while another said “not a lot.”

5 years ago
Sept. 7, 2004

Although informative, AlcoholEdu is one of the most tedious things that first-years have to do once they finish Orientation. A long list of questions about alcohol consumption and associated hazards, AlcoholEdu was first introduced this year, much to the resentment of the present and future first-year classes.

1 year ago
Aug. 25, 2008

The drinking age debate now has some surprising supporters for lowering the age to 18: presidents of colleges like Dartmouth, Tufts, and Duke University. The rationale behind their argument is to legalize drinking for 18-year-olds to prevent deaths from alcohol poisoning.