Did you know?

100 years ago
April 7, 1909

Tech describes the prospects for the 1909 baseball team. With a new coach who is “rounding into championship form,” the team is practicing every day. There is one sour note, however. One player is accused of poor batting. His defense was “at least I didn’t shoot myself in the leg.” It would take Pittsburgh a hundred years to understand that comment.

50 years ago
April 8, 1959

The theme for Spring Carnival is officially “Spring Steals.” Organizations will build booths that relate to thievery. For instance, one fraternity is building a booth based on Jack and the Beanstalk. Another is titled “Stolen Bases,” which focuses on baseball. In related news, entrance fees for booth have been raised to $2000 per organization. When a group complained that they were being robbed, officials responded with: “Exactly.”

25 years ago
April 9, 1984

A freak snowstorm on Easter Sunday leaves students befuddled. Pictures are shown of daffodils covered in snow and of two students carrying umbrellas, both of whom are clearly oblivious that umbrellas are mostly used in different kinds of precipitation. Thankfully, since this is Pittsburgh, 15 minutes after the photo was shot, a half-hour heat wave struck campus.

10 years ago
April 12, 1999

A student forum is held to investigate whether Carnegie Mellon is an apathetic community. A philosophy and ethics major feels that it isn’t and loves the “energy that people have.” Another student feels differently, and expresses her anguish in trying to get people involved. Then the question came up about whether incentives should be given out to encourage students to support causes. Most people felt that it was completely unnecessary to do so. The talk was immediately followed by free pizza and soda, with 10 social points awarded to each participant.

1 year ago
April 7, 2008

With increasing first-year class sizes and limited spaces, the room draw leaves several first-year students homeless. This means that many students will be left living in apartments, or even hotels with room service. One first-year who dealt with the error laments about how he has to wash his hair with tiny bottles of shampoo, and that when the maid makes his bed, the folding of the top sheet is done in a haphazard fashion. Thankfully, students will eventually be placed in dorms, where they can experience the true joy of waiting for 20 minutes to use public toilets.