Campus News in Brief

Numerous education award winners

The education award winners for this year will be recognized at the Celebration of Teaching event held April 23 in the University Center. There were many recipients this year, including professor Cliff Davidson, a civil and environmental engineering and engineering and public policy professor, who will be awarded the William H. and Frances S. Ryan Award for Meritorious Teaching.

Retired Vice President of Enrollment William Elliott and Paul Goodman, the Richard M. Cyert Professor of Organizational Psychology at the Tepper School of Business, are both co-winners of the Robert E. Doherty Award for Sustained Contributions to Excellence in Education.

Other awardees include Therese Tardio, associate teaching professor of Hispanic studies, who will be presented with the Outstanding Contributions to Academic Advising and Mentoring Award, as well as two professors receiving the new Mark Gelfand Service Award for Educational Outreach: English professor Linda Flower and physics professor Leonard Kisslinger.

Teaching award winners will also be honored, including mechanical engineering professor William Messner from CIT; psychology professor Kenneth Kotovsky from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences; adjunct professor of public policy and management Harold D. Miller; and visiting associate teaching professor of information systems and information technology Lynne Pastor from Heinz College.

Students enjoy weekend on campus

The past weekend was full of tours, lectures, and events for the prospective students of Carnegie Mellon. The Celebration of Diversity Weekend and Sleeping Bag Weekends are opportunities for students interested in Carnegie Mellon to experience campus life.

This weekend, students who have already been admitted to the university visited campus. Students arriving for the Celebration of Diversity Weekend were able to come a day earlier, on Saturday, and got a chance to play games with fellow high school students, become familiarized with the campus, and attend a student panel.

Once Sleeping Bag Weekend commenced on Sunday, all the visiting accepted students joined together for an opening ceremony in Rangos Hall before hosts arrived to pick up the new baggers.

The students will be able to attend classes today and see what a typical day as a Carnegie Mellon student is like.

The past weekend was a very important one for both the Office of Admissions and prospective students, as each student who attended is currently in the process of deciding which college to attend while the deadline for choosing draws nearer.