Campus News in Brief

Upper Management at Miller Gallery

Carnegie Mellon’s 2009 Master of Fine Arts thesis exhibition, Upper Management, will be on view from March 20 through April 18 at the Miller Gallery.

The five MFA candidates featured in the exhibition are Jennifer Gooch, Joseph Hays, Samina Mansuri, Michael Nixon, and Gregory Witt.

“If you have any interest in contemporary art, then this exhibition is a must- see,” said John Carson, head of Carnegie Mellon’s School of Art.

Gooch seeks to find simple solutions to enormous problems through her work, bringing “what-ifs” to fruition and treading the territory between the private and the public.

Hays builds participatory public works that integrate natural systems into the built environment and promote ecologically productive and cost-effective urban renewal.

Mansuri investigates the concepts of place, memory, and trauma by appropriating media depictions of war-torn areas, such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Iraq, and by fabricating aerial views of fictional sites.

Nixon represents the spirit of Pittsburgh through poetic, abstract photography that highlights the urban, post-industrial landscape.

Witt creates mechanical and digital machines of familiar subjects that combine carpentry, robotics, and video.

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Tepper professor receives award

Kannan Srinivasan, a marketing professor at Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business, has received the first Rohet Tolani Distinguished Professorship in International Business.

The professorship was established by Rohet Tolani, vice chairman and leader of the Singapore branch of the Tolani Group, to further academic research and education relating to developing markets around the world.

Srinivasan has published more than 50 papers in leading business and statistics academic journals in the areas of marketing and management science.

He will soon be publishing new research dealing with path analysis using click streams associated with online browsing, and an empirical study on how Internet auction companies have developed innovative tools that allow sellers to reveal more information about their credibility and product quality, avoiding the “lemons” problem.

Srinivasan also serves as associate editor of Management Science, area editor of Marketing Science, and associate editor of Quantitative Marketing and Economics. He instructs a master’s degree course, Marketing Management, and a Ph.D. course, Analytical and Structural Marketing Models.