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The Student Government Executive Branch is always looking for ways to tailor our initiatives to Carnegie Mellon students in the hope that it will lead to a better college experience for everyone. We are in the process of redefining the Tartan Rewards Program so that it is better suited for Carnegie Mellon students and covers all aspects of the CMU experience.

Not only will the program reward students who support Carnegie Mellon athletics, it will also start to reward students for attending any event on campus that they ordinarily wouldn’t attend. By encouraging students to get out of their bubbles, the Tartan Rewards Program will facilitate students’ taking advantage of everything that CMU has to offer.

After using multiple athletic events as trial runs for the program, we are ready to expand the Tartan Rewards Program to new arenas.

The new program will continue to cover athletic events, and will also expand to service-oriented events, academic development events like the University Lecture Series, professional and career development events, and, finally, student performances.

Starting now, we invite all organizations to apply to be a part of the Tartan Rewards Program. Being a part of the Tartan Rewards Program will be beneficial to your organization, and will help allow it to reach its full potential by exposing as many students as possible to your events, via the rewards incentive.

As we have stated previously, students who attend Tartan Reward events are entered into an ongoing yearlong raffle for prizes that include $50 gift cards, MP3 players, a flat-screen TV, etc. The more Tartan Reward events you attend, the more likely you are to win one of the rewards.

When your organization is a part of the Tartan Rewards Program, not only will you be able to advertise for your events yourself, but Student Government will also simultaneously promote your event, which will increase student awareness of the wide range of activities on campus.

We believe this revamping of the Tartan Rewards Program will lead to greater school pride and more success for campus organizations. If you or your organization is interested in becoming a part of the Tartan Rewards Program, please contact us at