Biden voices opinion against Obama

Credit: Frances Soong/Art Staff Credit: Frances Soong/Art Staff

It takes a strong personality to hold the dissenting view in the room — especially when that room contains Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and a number of other top White House officials. However, reports seem to indicate that Joe Biden is happy to do just this.

Biden’s views on the war, most recently on increasing troop numbers in Afghanistan, have not been in accord with Obama’s or the administration’s opinions. And he has repeatedly challenged the President on his plan to send more Americans to the Middle East. At least, that is what we have heard — who has really seen Biden recently, anyway?

Mr. Vice President, where have you been? Mr. Obama’s face is everywhere we turn: He is speaking at some events and listening at others; he is giving the same smile in every single photo and wishing he was eating breakfast at Pamela’s. But you, Mr. Biden, are nowhere to be found. Your opinions aren’t even being given by you; they are being doled out in official White House statements.

At this point, we are a bit afraid they have you locked in a cage in the basement of the White House, possibly for fear that you will shoot yourself in the foot with one of your outspoken and honest trademark gaffes. But as you haven’t even shot anyone else, and you haven’t even gone quail hunting, so we think this treatment might be a bit unfair.

Maybe you are just hard at work, bouncing from private meeting to private meeting, making everyone rethink their own views as you question their beliefs and plans. We hope this is true and we support this behavior. In the spirit of true journalistic curiosity we want you to continue to be the devil’s advocate in the White House. The administration that runs on change needs a voice questioning every new change (and new non-changed plan) that it proposes.

So continue voicing the minority opinion, Mr. Biden, and if you are not bound and gagged in the White House basement, maybe we will see you around sometime.