NSBE wins the first Tartan Olympics

Last Saturday, Carnegie Mellon Athletics and the Student Athletic Advisory Counsel (SAAC) introduced the first Tartan Olympics. The games kicked off during a halftime show at the women’s basketball game Friday with a three-point shot competition that continued later during the men’s basketball game at halftime. Aside from the first event the night before, the rest of the Olympic events commenced Saturday. There were 17 teams lined up at the Opening Ceremony held in Skibo Gymnasium, ready to compete for as many points as possible in order to win the grand prize of $500 with runner-up prizes available.

Before the games began, Sarah Strano, a member of Engineers without Borders and double major in engineering and public policy and civil and environmental engineering, commented on the first Tartan Olympics: “Personally, I’m excited for karaoke. These games will help us build a sense of teamwork.” Heading into the games, teams battled it out and struggled to show their strengths in a game of tug-of-war. After the battle of the bodies came, the battle of the minds ensued and the Olympics broke into a series of mind-boggling, finger-twisting, and brain-engaging events. With a Rubik’s cube relay, Knock-Out, Tartan Trivia, Theater, and a Spelling Bee under way, students were challenged to complete grueling tasks perfectly in order to advance by gaining points for their team.

“I have an all-star team together. I’m very excited about the events, especially dodgeball. They call me sticky hands,” said junior chemical engineering major Muhammed Shodeinde who played for the National Society for Black Engineers (NSBE) team before the games began. Unfortunately they were knocked out in the second game. One of the events that drew a big crowd was karaoke, which invited participants and bystanders to sing along to the music. The event was initially a tie between Amusement Park and NSBE, but NSBE pulled through with the win.

Students stood around the pool to cheer on friends as they watched the splash competition. At the closing ceremony, NSBE left the competition victorious with $500, they will put the money toward their organization. The second place team left with Scottie Dog bobbleheads donated by the University Center bookstore and the third-place team received Jimmy John’s gift certificates. After a successful first Tartan Olympics, psychology junior Ashley Reid, who came to watch the games, said she hopes to watch next year. “Maybe I’ll join a team.”