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Hey Tartans,

I’d like to use this space today to introduce myself as the new Publisher of The Tartan and talk a little bit about some things I’ll be working on to serve you better this year.

I come to this new position from my past year as the Photo Editor and hope to still be able to contribute an image every once in a while to our photo department. I am a junior in the Civil and Environmental Engineering program, lead worship at the CrossSeekers Christian fellowship, and sing bass with Joyful Noise.

This is an interesting time to be in the newspaper business. Papers across the nation are being shut down because of diving advertising revenues. Just last week, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim gave a $250 million loan to The New York Times to help refinance their $1.1 billion debt and free some of their borrowing capacity.

Papers today must distinguish themselves not only in the content that they deliver but also in the way they deliver it. With high bandwidth connections and an increasing numer of mobile devices that eat multimedia for breakfast, news consumers have developed a voracious appetite for more than just the written word.

So as The Tartan moves forward into 2009, I am pursuing avenues to bring you some new ways to experience our paper. One way to enrich your experience online will be the addition of audio content to go along with the stories and photos that we publish. We will be providing training and the means for our staff to capture audio and publish it on the net.

Coming from a small island town in southeast Alaska, I have had the benefit of experiencing a great public radio station — KCAW — where it is a common practice to bring to listeners audio postcards from events in the surrounding area. I look forward to being able to bring you a clearer picture of events here on campus and in Pittsburgh through the use of these audio clips.

Be assured that I am not condemning the physical printed form of our newspaper. While I do love my Kindle for reading books while traveling, I’ve missed the way I used to be able to pass a good book along to a friend when I finished. However, it would be a shame if The Tartan did not take advantage of recent technological changes.

Thanks for picking up this copy of The Tartan and please check out for exciting new developments into this semester. Let me know what else you’d like to see from the paper at