Campus chic

With the much-anticipated spring break right around the corner, it’s no surprise that students are starting to dress in anticipation of the weather ahead. Ingrid Kong, a sophomore architecture major, starts off the upcoming season with one great accessory — her bag. However, students aren’t the only fashionable part of campus — biomedical engineering staff member Brendan Kerr shows off his optimism for springtime as well.

“I love layering,” Kong said, and it is definitely apparent in her outfit. Her style reflects a notable ability to work with contrasts. She begins with a classic winter look: a long, lean-cut black pea coat that hits at her knees. Extra details, like the button tabs on the sleeves, update and separate an otherwise basic jacket. Barely peeking through her coat, Kong also wears dark skinny jeans, tucked into brown suede knee boots. Though the jeans and boots combination is essential in winter, she uses traditionally opposite colors, pairing them together to give her look an extra raw dimension.

The strongest element of Kong’s outfit is her bag; the color, bright yellow with green undertones, was huge on the runways this spring. Additionally, the structured bag made a great comeback this season, with redefined shapes and sly simplicity. Such a bright color is sometimes hard to pull off, even in suitable weather. But by keeping the rest of her outfit neutral and solid, Kong easily pulls off the look. Kong’s oatmeal-colored scarf with specks of gray also works well to complement her skin tone against her jacket.

The minute details of Kong’s outfit are what make her stand out. The buttons on her bag nicely accompany the buttons on her coat. The simple, subtle textures on her scarf, coat, and boots all blend together, creating a posh, polished look that shows off an intricacy to detail without compromising grace and luxury.

Kerr’s style combines preppy elements with a well-done rugged edge. “My old roommate used to design for Penguin,” he said, regarding his style inspirations; around since 1955, Original Penguin brand shows up in stores from Urban Outfitters to Barneys New York. Kerr’s bright orange V-neck sweater peeks out from his unbuttoned fitted pea coat, drawing attention to the upper part of his body. The wide jacket collar emphasizes Kerr’s face, and looks both chic and easy to wear. Furthermore, Kerr’s thick knit scarf brings the right amount of contrast, toning the sweater down and adding another texture at the same time.

This spring’s runway shows by designers like Dior Homme emphasized slimming looks for men. This doesn’t necessary call for tight pieces, but rather clothes that fit just right to allow for movement without looking messy. Kerr’s straight-legged jeans are a great example of how to look pulled-together without too much effort. His jeans are creased right at the front pockets, while the rest looks almost ironed. The jeans are also the perfect length, and the overall look gives Kerr a defined, modern masculinity. Arguably the sleekest part of his outfit is his shoes, brown leather square-toed oxfords that have the perfect worn-in look to them.

Kerr’s style is sharp and fresh; by dressing to flatter his body, he redefines classic to be fun and easy-going, while still looking professional. With men’s style, streamlining an entire look is important, especially in professional settings — avoid unnecessary, extravagant details, and pay attention to the overall framework. The body serves as the palette, and men should always dress to flatter it in the best way possible.

Using splashes of color makes for whimsical style, and paired with slim, structured pieces, any outfit can instantly look flawless and refined.