Did you know?

100 years ago
Feb. 19, 1908

The Tartan shows just how close the students of Carnegie Tech of 1908 are. In a section called “Pertinent and Impertinent,” readers can learn about the welfare of their fellow students. For example, Gus Zitterman is returning from typhoid fever. In other, less important news, plans for the construction of Skibo Gym are being considered. But who cares? Ludie Weindlein held a large party in her house on Wilkins — huzzah!

50 years ago
Feb. 18, 1958

Carnegie Tech sponsored a highly successful jazz concert by Woody Herman and his band. Playing to a crowd of over 500 enthusiastic students, Woody kicked off the first concert in the Tech Gym. The Student Senate is now willing to approve future events to increase the general this-joint-is-jumping sentiment that all ’50s students crave.

25 years ago
Feb. 15, 1983

Susan Petrie wrote a scathing review of the new Rolling Stones concert film Let’s Spend the Night Together, calling their act “tired” and stating that Mick Jagger looks “bored.” Interesting, because to me, all of the articles from 1975 until today that call the Rolling Stones outdated are becoming... outdated.

10 years ago
Feb 23, 1998

Another bad review graces the pages of The Tartan, but this time it’s directed toward the drama school’s production of Female Transport, a play based on the true story of female prisoners who were transported from England to Australia in the 19th century. The writer accuses the play of offering no entertainment value. In other news, the School of Drama recently presented the grand opening of the play C-SPAN Live.

5 years ago
Feb 17, 2003

Many hard-to-believe stories have made it into “Did You Know,” but you’re never going to believe this one: Carnegie Mellon closed for a day due to snow. Now that I’ve lost my credibility, Carnegie Mellon also introduced a major in Spelling and changed the Carnival theme to “Porn.”

1 year ago
Feb 19, 2007

Want the scoop on the hottest gossip at The Tartan? Then turn to Page A2! Juicy tidbits from “Meet the Staff” include Managing Editor Liz Schwartz’s controversial dislike of Intro to World History, and Pillbox Editor Sarah Mogin’s recent status on Facebook. Sure, The Tartan’s version of Entertainment Tonight may not include head shavings and trips to mental hospitals, but in many ways, we’re happy about this fact.