Did you know?

100 years ago
Oct. 7, 1908

Carnegie Tech defeats Waynesburg College in their opening game of the season. Despite the victory, the newspaper decides that the Tartans just weren’t good enough. The Tartan staff writer remarked that the results were “not altogether satisfactory,” and that the opening fumble was “unfortunate.” This proves that giving it your best and succeeding didn’t cut it even 100 years ago.

50 years ago
Oct. 7, 1958

Freshmen take a test to determine their knowledge of Carnegie Tech traditions. While not mandatory, over 400 of the 860 first-years were estimated to have taken the test. The results showed that first-years could improve their knowledge.High scorers received thistles, but no punishments were given for bad test scores. I guess having to wear dinks for a whole year was punishment enough.

25 years ago
Oct. 9, 1983

A brawl breaks out between 45 students at Margaret Morrison Apartments. Allegedly, the fight began when a ZBT member refused to shut a door at one of the apartments. One Margaret Morrison resident used nunchuks during the fight. When questioned about it, he stated that “nunchuks can be found anywhere on campus.”

10 years ago
Oct. 5, 1998

A Tartan editor is livid over the fact the Carnegie Mellon is now offering honorary degrees. His argument is that such degrees bypass the academic process, thereby lowering the quality of the degree that all of us are working for. While the beginning of the article was fine, the writer eventually fell into the classic “I’m so busy” story. I would give a report on the rest of the article, but like most times I hear about someone’s workload, I stopped paying attention.

5 years ago
Oct. 6, 2003

The Person’s Op question asks students what Godzilla would destroy if he came to campus. Students gave varied responses about this. One student thought Godzilla would devour the trucks to eat ice cream, and one thought he would destroy Wean because it smelled bad. I wonder what students would say now if asked the same question.

1 year ago
Oct. 8, 2007

Students who lock themselves out of their dorm rooms are expected to pay up. Visits from the police to unlock student dorms now cost students nothing for the first offense, with increments of $5 for every subsequent offense. Why the increase? It looks to me like another attack on the school’s sizable “absent-minded” minority, who have already faced adversity from Wean Hall’s glass doors.