Did you know?

100 years ago
May 1, 1907

The architects section of The Tartan contained the following: “The busy Architects. New York is fast becoming widely known as a lemon market. The race is on. ‘Ye God,’ three men on bases and Lyman at the bus.” I can’t tell you exactly what all this means, except that at the time this must have been side-slappingly hysterical. I guess senses of humor evolve over time.

50 years ago
April 30, 1957

Carnival's coming a week late this year. Get ready for a swinging time with this year’s Carnival band, the marvelous Woody Herman and the Third Herd! Hailing from the Palladium Ballroom in Hollywood, Herman and his wild jazz band are sure to please. Some expected favorites to be played include “Muskrat Ramble,” “Woodchopper’s Ramble,” and “Mexican Hat Trick.” Sure, it’s no Dave Brubeck or Miles Davis, but the Third Herd has been known to get some feet tapping and fingers snapping.

25 years ago
April 27, 1982

A student invented a new form of hockey against the wall at Tech Stadium. Sporting an afro, dipping collar, high-waisted pants, and roller skates worthy of a disco club, the Carnegie Mellon student tried his hand at playing the solitary game. In other news, an equally stylish student blared “Funky Town” while playing bocce on the cut.

10 years ago
April 28, 1997

A senior praised the work ethic of Carnegie Mellon students. According to the editorial column, while our university may be called nerdy or antisocial, it is never called lazy. On top of this, the work ethic gained at Carnegie Mellon will never disappear, even if we want it to. This may sound good, except for the fact that none of us will ever successfully watch a Saved by the Bell marathon.

5 years ago
April 29, 2002

An animal rights activist vents her frustration over Sigma Nu’s fish booth with charges of apathy and cruelty toward goldfish. For those of you who still don’t know, Sig Nu has maintained a custom of building the same shanty for booth each year with the same game, which consists of a modified version of beer pong. If a participant throws a ping-pong ball into a cup, they get a goldfish. However, the activist accused the fraternity of some fishy tactics, including goldfish swallowing and supplying alcohol to the fish. At the very least, if anyone wants to make beer-battered fish, they know where to go.

1 year ago
May 1, 2006

University Police responded to a complainant’s call about a suspicious person in Newell-Simon Hall. When the police arrived, they saw the man doing nothing wrong. The complainant stated that he felt that the heavyset, older white male wearing Steeler’s hat simply did not belong there. Could the caller’s feelings be attributed to the fact that the gentleman was rested, had had a proper bath, and had the free time to be ambling through an academic building for fun, unlike those busy bleary-eyed beings who “did belong” in the building? Perhaps.