Tartan Q&A

1. Did you think Pan’s Labyrinth deserved the hype? It only won three Oscars (Art Direction, Cinematography, and Makeup), but it was the subject of a lot of talk.

When a fantastic movie comes along (it’s rare nowadays), it should be recognized as what it is. —LS

I think Pan’s Labyrinth definitely deserved the hype in terms of the more technical aspects of film production, such as art direction and cinematography. —JT

Yes! Only because it is a foreign film. I love foreign films! Yay! —RC

Regarding Pan’s Labyrinth, I think it definitely deserved the hype. I saw the movie and was really impressed with the fantasy elements.... It may not have won a lot of awards, but it was very provocative and deserving of attention. —AC

2. Did Jennifer Hudson deserve the Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar? Why or why not?

Her voice and performance were beyond fabulous in Dreamgirls. —JT

Well, I mean, there were definitely other really great women in the category. But I saw half of Dreamgirls. The other half was ruined when the sub-par movie theater accidently cut off the movie. What I mean is: Jennifer Hudson was excellent in the first half of Dreamgirls and she deserved every bit. —RC

3. What do you think was the biggest movie to “get robbed” at the Oscars?

Babel got robbed. —BD

Inland Empire. David Lynch is brilliant, and the Academy is full of people with no artistic vision who don’t see that. Or Children of Men. —LS

Babel! I mean, not that I’ve seen that movie. But my ... obsession with Gael García Bernal — who had some kind of role in the movie — proves that Babel should have won. —RC

4. What was the most-deserved Oscar win this year? The least?

Best Director [Martin Scorsese] — most deserved. —JT

Scorsese definitely deserved the Best Director Oscar for The Departed. The least? Probably Babel. Nothing about that film impressed me — especially not Dakota Fanning Jr. —LS

Seriously, I didn’t think The Departed was worth the hype. Not that I’ve seen it. But most movies with Leonardo DiCaprio and/or Jack Nicholson ... don’t particularly impress me. Maybe it was good because of that director man with the intense eyebrows and complex last name. —RC

The Departed deserved it big time. —LK

5. What did you think of the “green theme” that the Oscars had, with An Inconvienent Truth and various speeches centering on “being green”?

I want someone to explain to me the real reason Al Gore was at the Oscars. Bill Clinton would have been a lot more fun. —RC

I think it’s funny that even the Animated Feature fit into the theme. I mean, Happy Feet ends with about 10 minutes of warning its younger viewers that we should save the environment. —PN

Hollywood tends to ruin good things sometimes. Fads change: Green is the new anti-Bush. (Is lime still in?) —LK

While I’m never really a fan of any sort of political propaganda entering the entertainment realm, I believe that green awareness and preserving our natural resources is so important, and that we are at such a crucial point in the climate crisis, that awareness needs to be raised anywhere and everywhere. —JT

6. Who’s the hottest Oscar winner this year?

The penguin from Happy Feet. —LS

Gael didn’t win, right? That’s right. Nobody, then. —RC

7. What was this year’s most surprising win?

I was actually surprised that Marie Antoinette won for Best Costume Design. I really liked the movie, but I thought The Devil Wears Prada or something would win. It was exciting. I was excited. Excitement all around. —RC

I would say Jennifer Hudson. But that’s probably because I’ve seen all the other performances in that category except hers. —LS

8. How did Ellen do as host?

I meant to watch the Oscars for 10 minutes, but I couldn’t leave the TV for an hour because she was funny and I kept wondering what she’d do next. —PN

I think that usually hosts of the Oscars are pretty dry. Ellen was mildly entertaining. Like when she whipped out a digital camera and had Steven Spielberg take a picture of her with some old man. By “old man” I mean Clint Eastwood. —RC

9. Did you notice anything missing from the list of nominees?

The Illusionist. —JT

The clip I posted on YouTube this week. —LK

10. Anything further?

Heard rumors that Al Gore might be up for Nobel Peace. —LK

THE OSCARS WERE DRY. Like a desert in need of an oasis. I was wishing my meager dorm room was equipped with TiVo so I could fast forward through some of the random stuff. By random, I mean people who were not Gael García Bernal. —RC