Tartan Q&A

What’s your favorite comfort food?

Anything of or related to Oreos or refried beans, but not both at the same time. — BD

Buffalo wings. — MS

What’s one dish your parents cook at home that you will never cook for your children?

I don’t have to worry about that, with my mother only cooking things on holidays. — RC

Macaroni and Spam. — KC

Any dish that takes more than 15 minutes to be prepared. — MC

Tuna noodle casserole. Keep them separated. — CM

What food do you wish had no calories?

Steak. Does it have calories? — RC

Chinese food. Seriously. — LS

Buffalo wings. — MS

Do you mind if your roommates eat your food, or are you okay with sharing?

Sharing’s only okay if you and your roommate have established that policy from day one. However, it’s never all right to take your roommate’s last Toaster Strudel. Seriously. — KC

I am very protective of my food. I do help myself to my roommates’ food, though. — CM

As long as it’s not my buffalo wings. — MS

If you could eliminate one chunk of the food pyramid, what would it be?

Legumes. I don’t even know what those are. — CM

I don’t even know what chunks are on it anymore... — PN

This is a loaded question. I have a well-balanced diet. — LS

What’s your most embarrassing food-related tale?

I once almost killed a lactose-intolerant ex-boyfriend by feeding him a huge vat of ice cream. Actually, in retrospect, maybe that was a missed opportunity... — SBH

I caught an elderly gentleman stuffing chicken wings into his pocket during a wedding. I don’t know who was more embarrassed. — MC

Once I ate a packet of fire sauce. Then I ate an orange. That hurt. — BD.

Name one food you shouldn’t order on a date.

Largemouth bass! Right? — RC

I don’t eat messily, so I guess I wouldn’t order anything remotely related to chocolate because my date would feel terribly ignored. — MC

Not ordering food. No one wants to date you if you go to a nice restaurant and order a Diet Coke. — CM

Spaghetti: Lady and the Tramp may have taught us to associate the dish with romance, but the truth is it’s messy and requires a lot of skillful maneuvering. Save it for the bedroom, folks. — SM

Anything that makes you burp... So in my case, everything. — MC

What is the prettiest food?

A really fancy sushi platter, with all different colors and textures of fish, seaweed sheets cut into designs, and glistening caviar. — SBH

Chocolate cake. The kind you just don’t have the heart to cut. — MC

Steak. — LS

Name one food you eat with your hands that you probably shouldn’t.

Bits of raw cookie dough. Salmonella, shmalmonella. — SBH

I’ve always wondered if you’re supposed to eat egg rolls with your hand, but I’m always too embarrassed to ask anyone that could possibly know. — PN

Everything. I’m not big on plates. — LS

What’s your favorite food to eat in class?

I’d love to eat ramen (very slurpily) to annoy my professors, but in reality I usually limit myself to banana chips and tea. — SBH

Apples, because they are loud and disruptive. — CM