Your guide to Pittsburgh dining

One of the worst things to think about when you're hungry, desperate, and light-headed is where to get food — but that doesn't mean you
should resort to campus dining. Here are some local options.

Oakland: all buses, except the 28x

Five Guys. Juicy burgers and free peanuts. 117 S. Bouquet St. 412.802.7100.

Fuel & Fuddle. Ideal for dinner or a late-night snack. Try the sweet potato fries. 212 Oakland Ave. 412.682.3473.

Lulu’s. Choice location for lovers of noodles and bubble tea. 400 S. Craig St. 412.687.7777.

Joe Mama’s. Italian — affordably so. 3716 Forbes Ave. 412.621.7282.

Little Asia. The oft-forgotten alternative to LuLu’s and Orient Express. All the cool kids call it “Asia Minor.” 301 S. Craig St. 412.622.0133.

The ‘O’. Fries so greasy you can see through the bag. 3901 Forbes Ave. 412.621.7388.

Orient Express. Offering cheap Asian food. It’s fast — almost too fast. 4609 Forbes Ave. 412.622.7232.

Pamela’s. Pancakes so skinny they barely exist — but thank God they do. 3703 Forbes Ave. 412.683.4066. 5813 Forbes Ave. 412.422.9457. 5527 Walnut St. 412.683.1003.

Primanti Brothers. Famous for putting French fries and coleslaw on sandwiches. 3803 Forbes Ave. 412.621.4444.

Qdoba. Texican goodness. 3712 Forbes Ave. 412.802.7866.

Union Grill. Excellent source of burgers. Order the Pittsburgh Salad if you feel like eating French fries and kidding yourself. 413 S. Craig St. 412.681.8620.

Wing Zone. You can’t be in college and not make a late-night wing run. 4903 Baum Blvd. 412.621.ZONE.

Also in Oakland: chain restaurants

Camille’s Sidewalk Café. Wi-Fi spot with muffins and smoothies. 4956 Fifth Ave. 412.663.0135.

Chipotle. Because sometimes “gluttony” is just another word for dinner. 3619 Forbes Ave. 412.621.1568.

Kiva Han. Bohemian stop for coffee, tea, and food. 420 S. Craig St. 412.687.6355. 3533 Forbes Ave. 412.697.3391.

Panera. I can think of a baker’s dozen of reasons to go. 3800 Forbes Ave. 412.683.3727. 1711 Murray Ave. 412.421.3111.

Quiznos. Toasty subs. 300 S. Craig St. 412.622.7200. 120 Oakland Ave. 412.683.1177.

Subway. Spend your DineXtra here — as long as you don’t mind smelling like a six-inch. 418 S. Craig St. 412.687.6728. 700 Forbes Ave. 412.566.8205.

Shadyside: Take the 71D or the 500

Cozumel. Mexican food with a name that’s fun to say. 5505 Walnut St. 412.621.5100.

Elbow Room. American/Mediterranean pub. 5744 1/2 Ellsworth Ave. 412.441.5222.

Max & Erma’s. An affordable stop in the middle of unaffordable shopping. 5533 Walnut St. 412.681.5775.

Sushi Too. Sushi for Pittsburghers (some of it is fried). 5432 Walnut St. 412.687.8744.

Thai Place. It is what it sounds like. 5528 Walnut St. 412.687.8586.

Squirrel Hill: Take the 59U, any 61

Bangkok Balcony. Excellent Thai. 5846 Forbes Ave. 412.521.0728.

Eat ’n Park. 24-hour diner that takes DineXtra. 1816 Murray Ave. 412.422.7203.

Gullifty’s. A little of everything by the people who make the desserts at The Underground. Sometimes there’s jazz. 1922 Murray Ave. 412.521.8222.

Murray Avenue Grill. No surprises here. 1720 Murray Ave. 412.521.1272.

Rose Tea Café. Asian food and bubble tea. 5874 1/2 Forbes Ave. 412.421.2238.

South Side: Take the 54C, 59U

The Cheesecake Factory. Round out a day of shopping at the South Side Works. 415 S. 27th St. 412.431.7800.

Claddagh Irish Pub. Irish — authentically so. 407 Cinema Drive. 412.381.4800.

Fatheads. Burgers and sandwiches bigger than you can imagine. 1805 E. Carson St. 412.431.7433.

Nakama. Local Benihana alternative. 1161 E. Carson St. 412.381.6000.

Thai Me Up. Amazingly punny — and also amazing. 1925 E. Carson St. 412.488.8893.