Did you know?

100 years ago, Oct. 9, 1907

In preparation for an upcoming football game, a Tartan staffwriter suggested readers bring pennants, megaphones, girls, and “other accessories to a good time.” Wow.

50 years ago, Sept. 24, 1957

Carnegie Tech played Bucknell in a football game! Okay, okay, we lost, but it was only by six points (13–7), and we played Bucknell. This past weekend, Carnegie Mellon football played Randolph-Macon. Yeah, I’ve heard of them. I think I saw them on ESPN last weekend.

25 years ago, Oct. 7, 1982

Zeta Beta Tau was asked to return several tombstones the fraternity had used for a haunted house party. That’s right, they were real tombstones. The brothers of ZBT had apparently taken them from a nearby cemetery (don’t worry, they were never used for graves). But that’s child’s play compared to all of the extreme things frats do now. Like, this one party over the weekend had alcohol! Take that, you wussy, tombstone-stealing ZBT dorks.

10 years ago, October 6, 1997

The English department laid plans for a Humanities Opportunities Conference, an opportunity for humanities majors to get an opportunity to talk with employers and recruiters for job opportunities. Aww, remember when Carnegie Mellon cared about the humanities? Well, I don’t.

5 years ago, October 14, 2002

Students lined up outside the Info Desk at 6 a.m. for tickets to AB’s hyped-up fall concert. By 12:30 p.m. the tickets were all gone. The main act? Ben Folds. I guess it beats Phantom Planet...

1 years ago, October 9, 2006

Men’s Fitness magazine listed the most and least fit schools in the country, and Carnegie Mellon was at the top... of the most unfit. Well Men’s Fitness, you’ll be happy to know that in the past year students have gotten their acts together. We’ve stopped working so hard, started partying, lifting weights daily, and running between the classes that we care little about. True story.