Did you know?

100 years ago, Oct. 30, 1907

An announcement in The Tartan advertises a “mass meeting” for the entire student body. Can you imagine our current student body all gathering under one roof? The closest thing we have to that is porn in the UC (courtesy of AB).

50 years ago, Oct. 15, 1957
A blurb advertises the upcoming “Golden Apple Pageant,” to occur at halftime in the Homecoming football game. The writer refuses to divulge the details of the event, except that it will include the Homecoming Queen and her court. The possibilities are endless: free golden apple pie, students dressed like golden apples, students juggling golden apples? There is no wrong answer.

25 years ago, Oct. 26, 1982

A full-page ad encourages students to attend a BYOB tuition protest rally in front of Warner Hall, inspired by the 19-percent increase for 1982–1983 school year. Tuition has continued to increase, but I haven’t heard of any campus-wide protests — with or without our OB.

10 years ago, Oct. 27, 1997

Comedian Andy Richter comes to Carnegie Mellon...in 1997. That would have been cool about five years later, when people actually knew who he was.

5 years ago, Oct. 28, 2002

An article in Pillbox reveals some haunted locations around Pittsburgh. Spooky spots to avoid (or seek out): a former Underground Railroad hub at Duquesne University; the William Pitt Student Union, built where Schenley Hotel stood; and 1129 Ridge Ave., a North Side house said to be America’s most haunted.

1 year ago, Oct. 30, 2006

The Tartan turns 100, and the paper has come a long way since 1906, when it debuted as an eight-page weekly that mostly covered football. An article explains how The Tartan has evolved and expanded, in addition to recalling some of its quirkier moments: In the 1970s, for example, an entertainment writer turned in a review of a restaurant that didn’t actually exist.