Ghita: From hipsters to Hollywood

Mix a little GUESS (by Marciano) with XOXO, and what do you get? Ghita. A dress line by designer Alexis Phifer, Ghita aims to create smart party pieces that transcend most fashion fads. Ghita has received a lot of Hollywood buzz, mostly because of Phifer’s famous arm candy, Kanye West. Encouraged by Kanye’s endorsement, stars like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Carmen Electra have been flocking to the line.

The fashion world has long abandoned tight-stretch mini dresses and ultra-revealing necklines. Women want to look glamorous without all the fuss and self-conscious tucking, starvation, and double-sided tape to look sexy. But Alexis Phifer’s label is fighting to keep the days of minimal dressing alive.

Phifer claims Ghita means “special jewels from the sea,” though how special the brand really is remains dubious. Phifer designs with her young, hip clientele in mind, known for their uniform Urban Outfitters ensembles. In the fall 2007 collection, the dresses are either slinky or skintight, with nothing in between, and short hemlines make the collection channel West Coast vibe. Ghita’s fall collection updates ’80s glamour to modern-girl chic, featuring simple, single-color designs in black, beige, lilac, and fuchsia. Each dress has a focal design element, including oversize bows, ruffles, and asymmetrical cuts.

Ghita has been around since 2005, but the brand’s New York Fashion Week premiere this fall solidified its staying power. As long as young socialites and wannabes continue to support the label, it can only continue to grow, and Ghita may one day be as big on the East Coast as it is on the West.