Did you know?

100 years ago January 30, 1907

In a section entitled “Lady-like Geometry”, eight “humorous” lines about how women equate their mathematical abilities were printed. Examples include: “A straight line is determined by two bargain tables, it is considered as prolonged both ways until the store closes.” and “Figures of the same shape don’t always have the same style.” If women had had a vote, I'm sure they would have added, “Don’t doubt our numerical skills, boys! Soon we will devise a plan to multiply in number and leave the cooking to you!”

50 years ago January 22, 1957

The cartoon in this week’s paper depicted two undergraduate student delegates discussing whether or not to attend the student congress meeting that afternoon. The second delegate, in answering the first’s inquiry over whether or not to attend, answered, “Naw. Too busy. Try me again next month.” And just what was this busy lad doing? No, he wasn’t gaming: He was absorbed in what must have been a riveting round of cat’s cradle and smoking pipe tobacco. Compared to the standard activities that draw students to miss appointments these days, man, things have changed! Or: Man, he must have been bored!

25 years ago January 26, 1982

The Mellon College of Science unleashed a series of goals and potential activities for the ’83–’84 school year. The proposed changes included research opportunities, programs in colleges outside of MCS, and the idea of offering a BS curriculum in “computer” science. While most students were befuddled by the concept of a “computing” machine, the BS in CS was passed.

10 years ago January 27, 1997

The Tartan's "A Person's Opinion" article, which asks people on campus pertinent questions about university life, took a turn for the worse. Running dry in the idea well, Person's Op resorted to asking students what their Person's Op question would be. Responses were equally bland, such as, "What is your favorite spot on campus?" and "What is your most exciting class this semester?". Let's just hope that none of those questions ever made it into print.

5 years ago February 3, 2001

Three students in costume (and a fourth in regular garb) stood outside with the purpose of encouraging the student body to attend the activities’ fair. Just what was so grabbing about their attire? They were a frog, a caribou, and a Scottie dog. This is a fantastic idea! It's hard to think of anything more likely to boost event attendance than animal costumes. But my question is this: Where is the giant piece of tartan?

1 year ago January 30, 2006

In "Crime and Incident", there were two separate and exciting reports both dealing with books, taking place in the bookstore and library. The former involved two white males, one in a fur-collared green jacket, who allegedly attempted to steal some novels. The second complaint speaks for itself: “A complainant noticed an older, allegedly odious white man wearing a sweatsuit allegedly pulling volumes off the shelves and barricading himself in a fort of books in Hunt Library.” I’m not sure which one is worse, the guys trying for a five-finger discount on some reading materials, or the guy who's trying to live in them.

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