dollar movie

American Beauty
Wednesday, August 30
10 12:30

This movie is the most uplifting depressing film I’ve ever seen. Kevin Spacey plays a dad in American suburbia who becomes increasingly disaffected with the life he lives, driving him to take more risks and live out his fantasies. What he doesn’t realize, though, is how his actions are affecting the rest of his family and neighbors. This movie won five Oscars, including Best Picture, and if you haven’t seen it, you absolutely should.

Thursday, August 31
6:30 10

Robert De Niro! Al Pacino! Smoldering intensity! A heist! Heat has it all. This movie tells the tale of a master thief and the detective trying to stop him, and many consider it to be one of the best cop/heist movies ever. It’s highly stylized, as all heist movies are, but the real reason to see it is Pacino and De Niro passionately shouting orders at everyone for two hours.

Thank You For Smoking
Friday, September 1
8 10 12

We’ve had it hammered into our heads for years that smoking is bad for us. But what about all those poor folks who work for the tobacco companies? Thank You For Smoking follows Nick Naylor, a masterful spokesman for the tobacco industry, as he travels around the country trying to drum up support for cigarettes. This movie succeeds because the situations it presents are so absurd that it doesn’t matter what you believe in — they’re still funny.

The Pink Panther
Saturday, September 2
8 10 12

Sacré bleu! Steve Martin resurrects the accident-prone Inspector Clouseau in this tepid remake. While it’s nice that the kind folks at Sony Pictures decided to let a new generation of kids get a taste of one of film’s more beloved characters, eventually people will get tired of remakes. One can dream, at least. The Pink Panther should still be good for a few dumb laughs; it also stars funnyman Kevin Kline.

Heavenly Creatures
Sunday, September 3
8 10 12

This Peter Jackson movie, from his days before hobbits, is about two girls who give up everything, including their innocence, to remain friends when one girl’s mother becomes worried about their dangerously intense relationship. It takes place in the ’50s, but something tells me there won’t be many “gosh darns” and “gee golly”s. It might be a sort of sour note to celebrate your first long weekend of the year, but it should be an enjoyable show nevertheless.

The Truman Show
Wednesday, September 6
10 12

Jim Carrey is always more fun in dramatic roles. Here, he plays a man who has grown up in a completely fake world — his life is the most popular television show on earth, with 24-hour coverage thanks to an entirely phony town swarming with actors and thousands of hidden cameras. As the movie progresses, Truman discovers the true nature of his world and tries to escape. It’s an absolutely fantastic, moving film.

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
Thursday, September 7
8 10 12

To our first-years: Chinese crime movies are a staple in McConomy. They’re always cool and definitely something different to experience. This one is about a woman who plots revenge against the man who betrayed her and sent her to prison. You get all the fun of a revenge movie with the colorful backdrop of life in China! What could be better?

Friday, September 8
7:30 10 12:30

Pixar films are famous. Very, very famous. Like, so famous that almost every kid on the planet worships them. Cars, Pixar’s most recent outing, stretches reality further than before, with a world populated with anthropomorphic cars. As typical for any Pixar movie, it’s filled with a veritable bevy of celebrity voice work and gorgeous visuals. That’s about all this one has going for it — apparently people have trouble forming emotional investments with animated automobiles.

V for Vendetta
Saturday, September 9
7:30 10 12:30

The Wachowski brothers have met with a lot of geek ire for the disastrous two Matrix sequels. However, their treatment of a dark British graphic novel, V for Vendetta, redeemed them in many people’s eyes. At its core this film is about fighting “the man,” though it does so by creating a sympathetic main character who is, essentially, a terrorist. Regardless of its questionable moral ground, V for Vendetta is a beautiful movie that’s anything but your typical action flick, and it just might make you want to start a revolution.

Stranger Than Paradise
Sunday, September 10
8 10 12

A movie about slackers and hipsters is nothing new, but this is a movie about slackers and hipsters made before they were “in.” It’s your typical tale of worlds colliding, unlikely friendships, and spur-of-the-moment road trips, but this time it’s done on a shoestring budget with characters who actually feel like real people. Sounds like a great way to spend an easy Sunday night, before all the classwork starts piling up.