did you know?

September 25, 1956

The long-anticipated TV to be set up in the Carnegie Union was finally unveiled to the applause of anxious Tech students. Without the support of our faculty, who volunteered to pay half the cost of the new installation, the students would have missed the infamous appearance of Elvis that aired on The Ed Sullivan Show that fall. It would be the last instance of hip-gyrating many students at Carnegie Tech ever witnessed.

September 8, 1981

Carnegie Mellon’s Board of Trustees announced their approval of a 15 percent tuition increase to $6300 for the upcoming 1982-1983 school year. Mel Berstein, the associate dean of CIT and the Tuition Committee chairman stated that he did not “believe that next year’s increase will deter applicants.” Spectacular logic: More incoming students definitely equals more people happy to be paying the high tuition costs.

September 3, 1996

The University Center opened. Students celebrated the historic event with an indoor performance of the bagpipe band. They played the traditional Scottish selections of songs like “Danny Boy” and, of course, the “Macarena.”

August 27, 2001

The campus police responded to a call from The Original Hot Dog Shop about a grease fire. Fortunately, the fire had been extinguished by the time the cops and firemen arrived on the scene. For the next five years, students benefitted from not only the immaculate, enduring conditions of the old greasy spoon, but also the ever-jovial, courteous staff working in that sterile environment.

August 29, 2005

The six truck-food vendors located for years on Tech Street were relocated by the University to Margaret Morrison Street. Possible reasons for this action may have included:
* The non-aerodynamic structure of the trucks making them repeatedly the worst contenders for the buggy races,
* Rushed business students complaining about the spilled Thai on their ties, or
* Relocating the trucks to open up a whole new seven parking spots on Tech Street. Now only 4993 students are without spots.