Did you know?

50 Years Ago
April 17, 1956
“Teaspoons were at a premium,” wrote The Tartan, as teaspoons were apparently disappearing from campus cafeterias at an alarming rate. The article continued, “This is what used to happen to pepper shakers, too.” So when students realized that no amount of pepper would help the food, they turned to stealing silverware in protest?

25 Years Ago
April 14, 1981
“Spring Fling,” the H&SS version of the Beaux Arts Ball, was this week’s highlight and featured George Gee’s “Make-Believe Ballroom Orchestra.” The guys, decked out in their thin ties, tight pants, and popped collars, and the girls, primped with their heavy black eyeliner, David-Bowie-inspired coiffures, and stiletto platforms, danced to “Tainted Love” and “Bette Davis Eyes.” Carnegie Mellon’s food service even catered the event, serving what the paper called “unobjectionable veal parmigian.” Clearly, Carnegie Mellon’s food has lost some of its zeal since then, but thankfully the school has not compromised its dancing skills or style.

10 Years Ago
April 15, 1996
According to one headline in The Tartan, “Headphones, Weird Al makes unique fashion statements.” I’m not sure who was thinking they had hot headphones, but Weird Al was totally a fashion statement. I mean that mustache? Hot. Too bad he shaved it. Way to sell out, Al.

5 Years Ago
April 18, 2001
Examining a study conducted of campus convenience stores, The Tartan found that our university really stood out this year. Forget academic standings: Carnegie Mellon was among the 25 schools with the highest sales of cigarettes. It was projected that $175,000 was spent on the product, which is equivalent to 51,400 packs a year. Judging by the plumes of smoke wafting around outside Doherty Hall these days, it seems that students are still helping to keep our school in the top 25.

1 Year Ago
April 16, 2005
The Tartan rated crappy beers in honor of Carnival season, during which crappy beers are synonymous with a good time. If a few dry frats this year say they miss their Natty, dig up the old article, in which the beverage was described to be as foul as a “fat ugly friend.” Just remember that during the break next week, if you choose to try out Buggy, Booth, and a beer: Be respectable; use the proper receptacle.