Did you know?

50 Years Ago
April 10, 1956
The Newman Club, which, if you didn’t know, was and is the Catholic club on campus, held an Easter Orphans Party. The party included fun in the Tech swimming pool. Great, that’s exactly what orphans need — to be sitting on a tile floor, freezing cold, and soaking wet in the middle of a typically tumultuous Pittsburgh April. I bet they really appreciated that.

25 Years Ago
April 14, 1981
“The White [sic] powder discovered in Warner Hall which was thought to be asbestos was actually found to be dust,” reported The Tartan. Asbestos wasn’t necessarily the first choice for what the substance might be; on the docket were also powdered milk, powdered sugar, and Powder — the hit movie from 1995.

10 Years Ago
April 8, 1996
The Tartan gave a little taste of the lighter side of life by suggesting road trips for students who are stressed out. The headline read “Explorers hit the road.” Funny, the only thing most Explorers have been hitting lately is pocketbooks, thanks to their massive rubber tires of death and poverty.

5 Years Ago
April 9, 2001
Big news on campus was the dumping of multiple bags of recyclable paper outside of the University of Pittsburgh’s Frick Fine Arts Building. When officers inspected the bags to view the contents, they were struck by the beauty of all those advertisements for “Temptation” at Club Matrix. Many officers elected to attend the party, and the group throwing the bash was never cited.

1 Year Ago
April 11, 2005
Rest in peace, i2hub. This issue of The Tartan commented on students who were facing the fire from the RIAA. Back in the day (2005), i2hub let students gobble up downloads from their friends and neighbors. It was a good time. And then the RIAA killed it. ’Cause they said it was illegal. Sigh. Illegal shmillegal. i2hub was my precious.