dollar movie

Ghost World
Wednesday, March 29
6 10 12

We all know the signs of the non-conformist pair of girls who fall outside normal categories. Even though there’s a pair in almost every high school, we can’t seem to place them in a stereotype; instead, each creates its own category. Enid and Rebecca are best friends who escape stereotypes and spend part of their pre-college summer playing a prank on an older man, Seymour. The love story that develops between Enid and Seymour defies typical love stories, for Ghost World is not your stereotypical movie.

Man Bites Dog
Thursday, March 30
8 10 12

Can you believe it? This film is rated NC-17! Documenting a philosophical serial killer is not the regular fare of thrillers, and [ITAL]Man Bites Dog[ITAL] pulls off horror very well. A main course of gore with a side of stewed theories is always fun. Sardonic humor makes the pseudo-documentary more interesting than, say, [ITAL]Texas Chainsaw Massacre[ITAL], but this film will not appeal to those who like to see the human body in one piece. As critic James Berardinelli wrote, this film shows all parts of the human body, inside and out.

Pride and Prejudice
Friday, March 31
7:30 10 12:30

Yay for British adaptations and hot actresses! This is like the Victorian TBA (well, almost). If you want to see this film, you probably know the story, so we’ll say that this film version of Jane Austen’s novel does the adaptation — done so many times before — very well. I give major props to Deborah Moggach, the screenwriter, for making good cuts and getting the length just over two hours. Keira Knightley rocks this film with an awesome performance, and in watching the film, you feel like a part of the 19th century. It’s a feat few films achieve.

Saturday, April 1
7:30 10 12:30

If you heard anything about the Oscars, you heard about this film. If you want to hear about corrupt politicians, this film is for you. The plot elements, while fictional, all revolve around true stories about the private businesses who make our public policy. Trying to summarize this movie will never work, because the plot is so dense and intricate. I love involved plots, because sometimes the simple sugary stories get too boring for our complex minds.

Sunday, April 2
7:30 10 12:30

Marty Griffin says, “Giggity.”