Crime and incident

11 February 2006
at 08:45

A carpenter for Facilities Management Services called the police and said that unknown individuals removed his carpentry tools while the complainant was away from the room where he was working.

11 February 2006
at 12:09

The complainant called the police and said an unknown individual had removed the combination lock on his locker in the men’s locker room of the University Center. The complainant’s brown leather wallet was also taken.

Property Damage By Vehicle
11 February 2006
at 13:07

A student told Campus Police that he witnessed a black Dodge Neon back up into a light blue Cadillac on Margaret Morrison Street. The actor’s car hit the grill of the Cadillac. The student also said the actor got out of the car to see if there were any damages and got back into his vehicle.

Disorderly Conduct
12 February 2006
at 18:10

Two students were in a car driving on Frew Street when an unknown girl darted in front of the complainant’s car, then kicked it when it stopped. Police responded to the scene, but the girl was gone on their arrival.

Noise Complaint
12 February 2006
at 22:40

The complainant told the police a group of persons was fighting in his hall in West Wing. The actors were using soft-pellet air guns. Police confronted the actors and advised them to clear the area.

Assist Outside Agency
13 February 2006
at 01:03

Pittsburgh Police called Campus Police and informed them that a man described as approximately 50 years old, six feet tall, and weighing 160 lbs. had to be escorted from the bus he was riding to the outbound bus stop at Morewood and Forbes avenues. However, because no more buses were available, the actor then continued to walk outbound on Forbes Ave.

14 February 2006
at 12:35

A University Center employee stated that someone stole his shoes from an unlocked locker in the University Center. The complainant did not want to file a report.

Suspicious Activity
14 February 2006
at 17:58

A student in Henderson House called the police and said that the smell of marijuana was coming through the air duct of the building. Upon arrival, the police could not determine the source of the odor.